So who are these intrepid, slightly mad, but creative individuals?  

Well, you may ask…

Meet Marika 

Marika grew up in both California and Sussex with a mother who has lived all over the world and a father as an international storyteller, she quickly grew to be a story-loving travel bug. She graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with an MA in Sustainable Development (SD) and passion that helped achieve a First Class dissertation on Education for SD. When not in school she has spent her time traveling the world, working and learning about initiatives that help communities work towards a more just, healthy and sustainable world. Some worth mentioning are: MEarth, CaliforniaEarth Care, New Mexico, Sustainable Learning Centre, New Mexico,  Earth University, Costa Rica and Monte Azul Favela, Brazil. She met Michael while interning at SEEd where she had the idea for this cycling adventure. Since then it has materialised and grown in ways she could never have imagined without the brilliant mind of Michael and the rest of the SEEd team.

Meet Michael

Michael was previously the Projects Manager at SEEd and helped run the annual National Sustainable Schools Conference, Policy Fora in Westminster, Opening the Doorway to Sustainability Online Course and Facilitation for Learning for Sustainability. These skills and connections will help with the planning and delivery of this national project but not with the actual cycling alas. A background in Ecology and Biology from UEA, then Biodiversity and Taxonomy at the Natural History Museum, led to a career in conservation in Mauritius and Tanzania before joining SEEd and learning about learning. This has latterly blown his mind and as a ‘reflector’ is looking forward to spending hours in the saddle thinking about which part of the Action Learning Cycle he is on. Over the years Michael has gained invaluable experience in workshop delivery, photography and filming, social media, marketing and budgeting both abroad and in the UK. He is looking forward to combining these skills in this fun and creative project that will help develop an understanding of the geographical map of education for sustainable development.

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