We are cycling 100 miles into London on the 2nd June to mark the completion of our time on the road – please sponsor us and the many supporters joining us to ride the 100 miles from Oakham to Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath.

Please donate to help us achieve the goal of completing our cycle and to make this documentary about the great work happening in schools by students reach everyone.

Text CYSE12 £10 to 70070

Our project aims to:

Empower students to further engage with sustainability locally and globally

We will use film to creatively capture and celebrate students’ actions and ideas about sustainability in their school. We will capture their creative vision and how they are taking control of their surrounding communities in an imaginative mini-film-making session to be shared nationally on the SEEd website. This celebration will give students a voice in shaping their future and will allow them to share their ideas with other schools across the country.  As well as asking students to film sustainability in action in their schools, we shall ask them to come up with the next step their school could take to become more sustainable. A monetary prize will be given to the school in which the students demonstrate enthusiasm and creative capacity to further develop sustainability in their area. Further objectives are:

  • Support the uptake of ESD in more schools across the country
  • Strengthens connections across schools
  • Establish and strengthen an ongoing ESD support system for schools
  • Help develop the National Sustainability Curriculum
  • Learn from ESD experienced teachers and, 
  • Celebrate and capture sustainability stories in communities across the country

With the current review of the National Curriculum in the UK it is essential to bring awareness of the importance of sustainability in education if we are to see it in the new mainstream curriculum and help more students learn how to creatively work with the uncertainties they face in their future.Help to strengthen Sustainability and Environmental Education across the country. Every Penny will help. Please click here to donate. It is simple and takes a couple of minutes.

Many thanks for your interest, time and support!

Michael and Marika


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